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February 22, 2006

Three Generations of Habitat Oracles

Three Generations of Oracles

Today, there were three “Generations” of Habitat Chief Oracle’s in the same place at the same time. An “Oracle” was the term and title we used for in-world customer service representative. In MMOPGs, they’re often called Game-Masters. In the Habitats, they played a double role as mystical beings, endowed with power.

I was “The Oracle” and was embodied as a fountain in the public square in the original Lucasfilm’s Habitat from 1986-1988 and am pictured on the right.

Oracle Layza was Tomoko Kojima for Fujitsu Habitat I & II is Japan from 1990-2000 or so and is pictured in the center.

Oracle Vaserius (Jeff Douglas) worked in WorldsAway from 1994-1997 and is on the left.

You know what’s interesting? We all work for Yahoo! now.