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August 14, 2009

Habitat Chronicles gets a new web host

As part of our long term agenda of making this thing work ever so much better, we’ve shifted Habitat Chronicles to a new web host provider, Hurricane Electric.

As part of this I’ve also converted the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. ┬áThis was surprisingly easy, considering that it required rewriting all the page templates from MT’s own internal markup language into The World’s Worst Programming Language™.

The idea here is to improve things, but no doubt there will be bits and pieces that didn’t quite make the transition successfully, so if you spot any broken internal links, missing images, etc., please let us know.

November 1, 2008

Blog recovered, mostly

With the help of various undiscarded bric-a-brac laying about the house and a big boost from the Internet Archive (yay Brewster!), I have recovered nearly all of the content of Habitat Chronicles and restored the blog to something resembling its former glory. I was able to restore 100% of the posts and about 95% of the comments.

All the content should be here, though we still need to put in a bunch of redirects so that links to the old pages will lead to the proper new ones (in particular, a version change in MovableType causes the URLs for archived posts to now have a different format; the new format is arguably better but will break old links).

We’re also planning on moving from our current interim host (Yahoo!) to a more reliable and permanent hosting service. If any of you have opinions about what web hosting companies you like, please let us know, either by leaving a comment or emailing me.

And if anybody notices any links that are broken because they point to the old site, we’d appreciate hearing about that too. (I already know that the HabitatRedux.ppt document is not there, because Yahoo!’s file uploader won’t allow me to upload a file that large.)

August 21, 2008

Habitat Chronicles 1.0 – Lost!

It turns out that we were unable to recover the disk drive containing the only complete copy of the original Habitat Chronicles blog entries – so the manual recovery process continues, slowly.

If you have a  specific request for a historical item that you’d like to see restored soon, please leave a comment on this post – we’ll do our best to recover it ASAP.

Randy and Chip


June 25, 2008

Habitat Chronicles @ is offline….

There was a horrible data crash at and Habitat Chronicles has gone offline.

The underpants gnomes are feverishly working to restore it to it’s former glory, but at the moment it looks pretty sad.

But, the blogging must go on, so temporarily we’re setting up shop here. We’ll redirect RSS feeds as appropriate.

Thanks for your patience,
Randy and Chip

April 24, 2004

RSS feeds

Chris Allen asks for a full text RSS feed and a comments RSS feed. With a little bit of help from Chris himself, we give him what he wants, here. Engineering on demand: another topic that I’ll have much more to say about in the future!