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August 21, 2008

Habitat Chronicles 1.0 – Lost!

It turns out that we were unable to recover the disk drive containing the only complete copy of the original Habitat Chronicles blog entries – so the manual recovery process continues, slowly.

If you have a  specific request for a historical item that you’d like to see restored soon, please leave a comment on this post – we’ll do our best to recover it ASAP.

Randy and Chip


August 10, 2008

On Language – Avatar –

Lucasfilm's Habitat Promotional Video

With the coverage in the NYT – I thought people might like to see what the original avatars looked like – here’s a promotional video from 1986:

Lucasfilm's Habitat Video Link

Funny what has, and has not, changed in over 20 years.

August 1, 2008

Halo Corpse Block Chattm

B fontL fontO fontC fontK font   C fontH fontA fontT fontT fontM font

Block Chattm in Halo, done with corpses

(via Bryce Glass via Boing-Boing)

[Yes, we’re still waiting on our disk recovery for most of the archives…]