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May 1, 2019

Another Thing Found While Packing to Move

Getting ready to move has turned up all kinds of lost treasures. Here’s a publicity photo of the original Habitat programming team, taken next to a storage shed at Skywalker Ranch in 1987:

Left to right: Aric Wilmunder, Chip Morningstar, Janet Hunter, Randy Farmer

There were a couple of other developers who coded bits and pieces, but these four are the ones who lived and breathed the project full time for almost three years.

I particularly like this picture because it’s the only one I have that includes Janet Hunter. Janet was the main Habitat developer at QuantumLink. I think we shot this during one of Janet’s rare visits out west, since she was based in the Washington DC area where QuantumLink was. She wrote most of the non-game-specific parts of the original Habitat server and set the architectural pattern for nearly all the servers I’ve implemented since then.

It’s hard to believe I was ever that young, that thin, or had that much hair.