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February 14, 2008

Anyone got a spare GDC badge-day?

Chip and I find ourselves without certain income and with the need to network for a day each at GDC next week. This seems like an excellent opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Anyone that has a spare (even just an expo pass) they could lend on one day would be greatly appreciated. I won’t even wish for access to the Online Worlds summit – at $2000.00 the price is insane. Even if we don’t get a pass, we each would be happy to meet with folks near the conference.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog —


February 12, 2008

Chip and Randy cut loose!

Perhaps you heard that Yahoo! was laying some people off today?

It turns out that this force reduction included [me] Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar – much to our mutual surprise as we each had strong contributor/leadership roles in the company. From here it looks like they might have gone after those with larger salaries given the number of top-quality people we saw get the axe today. Given what we were working on, it was doubly confusing.

This layoff should be a recruiters dream.

Don’t use or anymore – those don’t work and aren’t forwarding, as of now. I’m randy.farmer at pobox dot com, and Chip is chip at fudco dot com.

[update]My phone is back online so feel free to call or email or onlineY!IM frandallfarmer.

Apparently CNet thinks I was on the Yahoo A-List, at least as far as a MS/Y merger goes. Lets see if Microsoft thinks so too! [/update]

Randy and Chip

[update] Chip’s resume link above is better now.[/update 2/13]

February 4, 2008

Randy Farmer joins the RIT DIT IAB

Cassi and Dad at Graduation

I’m honored and delighted announce that I have joined the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) DIT (Department of Information Technology) IAB (Industrial Advisory Board). They have an excellent game design and development program which I’m looking forward to visiting when I’m out there for the first board meeting in April.

I’d like to thank Elizabeth Lawley for submitting my name for consideration. I hope to meet and exceed their expectations.

For my readers – have any of you been on one of these boards before? I could use a little orientation and/or advice. I think that shaping young minds is one of the most important things we can do in this life, so I’m just a little nervous about being effective in the academic environment. Please either leave a comment or send me a message at randy dot farmer at pobox dot com.

As of 2/4/8 the IAB link still needs updating…