February 12, 2008

Chip and Randy cut loose!

Perhaps you heard that Yahoo! was laying some people off today?

It turns out that this force reduction included [me] Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar – much to our mutual surprise as we each had strong contributor/leadership roles in the company. From here it looks like they might have gone after those with larger salaries given the number of top-quality people we saw get the axe today. Given what we were working on, it was doubly confusing.

This layoff should be a recruiters dream.

Don’t use farmer@yahoo-inc.com or chipm@yahoo-inc.com anymore – those don’t work and aren’t forwarding, as of now. I’m randy.farmer at pobox dot com, and Chip is chip at fudco dot com.

[update]My phone is back online so feel free to call or email or onlineY!IM frandallfarmer.

Apparently CNet thinks I was on the Yahoo A-List, at least as far as a MS/Y merger goes. Lets see if Microsoft thinks so too! [/update]

Randy and Chip

[update] Chip’s resume link above is better now.[/update 2/13]

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