February 4, 2008

Randy Farmer joins the RIT DIT IAB

Cassi and Dad at Graduation

I’m honored and delighted announce that I have joined the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) DIT (Department of Information Technology) IAB (Industrial Advisory Board). They have an excellent game design and development program which I’m looking forward to visiting when I’m out there for the first board meeting in April.

I’d like to thank Elizabeth Lawley for submitting my name for consideration. I hope to meet and exceed their expectations.

For my readers – have any of you been on one of these boards before? I could use a little orientation and/or advice. I think that shaping young minds is one of the most important things we can do in this life, so I’m just a little nervous about being effective in the academic environment. Please either leave a comment or send me a message at randy dot farmer at pobox dot com.

As of 2/4/8 the IAB link still needs updating…

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