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September 12, 2007

21 Days, 15 Hours, 26 Minutes and 2 Seconds

Okefarflng @ 21 Days, 15 Hours, 26 Minutes and 2 Seconds

In the grand tradition of old-time MMORPG designers announcing their competence:

Meet the Beastmaster Okefarflung of Argent Dawn.

Accomplished this before my son, for once. Now I’m twinking him! :-)

I guess it is possible for a casual player to hit the World of Warcraft level cap, eventually.

This was only possible with the support of my guild-mates in Force Recon, who tell me that this is a more than respectable showing in terms of a short amount of game-time to reach this level, especially the first time.

That double-XP bonus for us casual gamers really works. I can tell you for sure that I would have quit long ago if it weren’t there.

I am amazed how quickly I’ve come to miss the XP bar. Skinner boxes, indeed.

August 15, 2006

Quiz: Can You Read This?

For a clear image of the shirt design, see Can you read my new T-Shirt? (Improved! Now with Interactive Content™), another entry in the Randy’s T-Shirts series.

August 1, 2006

Armed and Dangerous (A Randy's T-Shirts entry)

How could I know that singing Man of Constant Sorrow in public could be considered a terrorist weapon?

Read more of this story on my Yahoo 360° blog, posted as Armed and Dangerous, a part of the Randy’s T-Shirts series.


December 12, 2005

The Meeting

Screw Leibniz; forget monads. I am convinced that the fundamental ontological construct of the universe is The Meeting. The Meeting is one. There is only one Meeting. The Meeting is all. The Meeting is like The Force™ — it fills all things and all the empty spaces between them. At different times, you may notice that The Meeting is in a different place than it was before, or that there are different people in The Meeting with you, or that, somehow, the topic of discussion has changed. Sometimes, you step out to go to the bathroom, or eat a meal, or make a phone call, but The Meeting is always there, waiting, and in the end you always return to it. The Meeting remains, timeless, endless, eternal. Though it has many different aspects, many different agendas, in the end, there is only The Meeting. The Meeting is all.

That’s all I have time for today. I gotta get back to The Meeting.