December 12, 2005

The Meeting

Screw Leibniz; forget monads. I am convinced that the fundamental ontological construct of the universe is The Meeting. The Meeting is one. There is only one Meeting. The Meeting is all. The Meeting is like The Force™ — it fills all things and all the empty spaces between them. At different times, you may notice that The Meeting is in a different place than it was before, or that there are different people in The Meeting with you, or that, somehow, the topic of discussion has changed. Sometimes, you step out to go to the bathroom, or eat a meal, or make a phone call, but The Meeting is always there, waiting, and in the end you always return to it. The Meeting remains, timeless, endless, eternal. Though it has many different aspects, many different agendas, in the end, there is only The Meeting. The Meeting is all.

That’s all I have time for today. I gotta get back to The Meeting.


It’s not appealing, but explains much: as science should.

I always thought the fundamental binding force of the universe however was Stupidity: starting with the comparing of the past (memory, history, artifacts) with the future (vision, speculation, prediction). Since these can’t actually be compared the attempt to equate them is Stupid: without this stupidity however we never learn to stop trusting our beliefs and thus cannot become any less stupid. Rather like the sand that makes the pearl (by irritating the oyster).

Perhaps (radical notion) the Meeting and Stupidity are related somehow? Such as, one causing the other, or both caused by a third thing, or both together causing something else, or all of these, a tensegrity consisting perhaps of Meeting, Stupidity and Empathy: feeling too much for the clowns you are meeting with, and not enough for everyone who is disadvantaged by their decisions.

Rather like golf where you and your buddy agree to cheat everyone else by not counting some strokes when they aren’t looking.

The Meeting also reminds me of what consulting for Sun was like in 1994… try to meet with someone in their office, they call in three more people who each call in three more, then the original person leaves to go to another meeting, leaving a dozen people in their office. Maybe this was how you built prestige at Sun… more people crowded into your office? Variation on the old how-many-can-you-get-in-a-phone-booth thing.

Posts like this birtgehn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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