June 25, 2008

Habitat Chronicles @ Fudco.com is offline….

There was a horrible data crash at fudco.com and Habitat Chronicles has gone offline.

The underpants gnomes are feverishly working to restore it to it’s former glory, but at the moment it looks pretty sad.

But, the blogging must go on, so temporarily we’re setting up shop here. We’ll redirect RSS feeds as appropriate.

Thanks for your patience,
Randy and Chip



I’m doing a story for the New York Times Magazine on the word “avatar” in the gaming sense and I’d like to talk to you about it. My deadline is coming up pretty soon, so if you’d drop me a line I’d appreciate it.



Ghak, if you guys are vulnerable to online data crashes, what hope do we mere mortals have? I still tell people about all Chip had to do was touch the keyboard of a recalcitrant computer and it would start working perfectly (until he left the room…).

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