October 29, 2004

SOP II Presentation Slides

As I feared, many at State of Play were speaking about virtual objects as if they were user’s personal real-life property. The general reasoning is:

Secondary Virtual Item Market implies Real World Value and that implies that it is Real World Property and, by extension, subject to real world property laws.

Refuting this position is why I prepared the KidTrade position paper and released it two weeks early. I didn’t want to spend my time at the conference talking about KidTrade proper, but use it as one of several proof-case(s) that the the formulation above is an insufficient to rationalize the Real World Property hypothesis. I was able to achieve this goal.

The powerpoint slides I used as notes are available, and as an added bonus the deck includes the “History of Habitat” slides I presented at the evening event at the Museum of the Moving Image, complete with screen shots.

UPDATE 11/12/04: The video archives are up and you can watch my panel.

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