December 28, 2008

Interview about building Lucasfilm’s Habitat (LONG!)

Chip and Randy Talk About The Development of Habitat for QLink from Jeri Ellsworth on Vimeo

CircuitGirl/Jeri Ellsworth posted a video interview with Chip and me back in November about the making of Lucasfilm’s Habitat/Club Caribe for the QLink service during the mid-late 1980s.

Warning:– it’s and hour long, and the audio goes a little wonky a bit through. Oh yeah, and I mispeak about my first project with Lucasfilm Games – it was Koronis Rift, not Rescue on Fractalus – I was running on 5 hours sleep over two days at the time…


Hmph! If my own aging brain wasn’t so prone to the same effect, I might be offended!

OMG Noah! I know! How utterly embarrassing! The weirdest part is that I had nothing to do with Rescue – so how on earth could I misspeak like that?

Sorry man. I loved working with you at Lucasfilm Games and on Koronis Rift and I was so proud of the work I did on that project.


not totally related but just a link in case you didn’t notice it

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