December 2, 2008

Mud/Moo/Virtual World Pioneers Panel

Richard Bartle, Randy Farmer, Pavel Curtis

Raph Koster, a first class pioneer himself, posted a set of pictures of Richard Bartle, Pavel Curtis, Brian Green, himself, and myself taken just before the pioneer’s panel at Living Games Worlds. First time we were all in one place. I knew them all, but Bartle and Curtis had never met!

We all missed having the real brains behind Lucasfilm’s Habitat there: Chip Morningstar. Hope you’re feeling well buddy, and I hope you like how I covered our spot. :-)

One Comment

Oh, sure, you choose the picture without me. *sniffle*

It was great seeing you there, Randy. Hopefully Chip can make it next time we get together. :)

Have fun!

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