October 30, 2013

Origin of Avatars, MMOs, and Freemium

Origin of Avatars, MMOs, and Freemium – S01E06 Social Media Clarity Podcast

The latest episode of the Social Media Clarity Podcast contains an interview with Chip Morningstar (and podcast hosts: Randy Farmer and Scott Moore). This segment focuses on the emergent social phenomenon encountered the first time people used avatars with virtual currency, and artificial scarcity.

Links and transcription at http://socialmediaclarity.net


Any chance you will release the full 1 hour interview for Origin of Avatars, MMOs, and Freemium?

Hi, I participated in the original Habitat and Club Caribe Beta tests. My Avatar name was Rider. The only Avatar I remember was one named Jzero whom I use to chat with often in the world.

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