September 25, 2008

Context is King talk@ Baychi October 14th

I’ll be giving my talk “Context is King” at BayCHI on October 14th. Kevin Cheng will also be presenting: “See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas”.

Context is King

For more than three decades, people have been mediating communications with each other using computer networks.

Strangely, detailed best practices about how to facilitate online collaboration, communication, and community (aka Social Computing) are not yet in broad practice. Randy Farmer is working on a book that he hopes will remedy that situation by providing detailed patterns and anti-patterns for building online communities in context.

This talk contains many of the core inspirations for that work. He will outline common contexts and describe typical pitfalls encountered by product design and community operations staff when creating and operating social media-laden sites.

This is the first time I’ll be giving this talk to the general public. Of course, this means I’ll have to finally publish it on SlideShare (and blog that here). Any tips for converting would be greatly appreciated.

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