September 17, 2008

Opening Yahoo!, One Year Later

I was fortunate enough to attend Open Hack Day last week at Yahoo. It was like old-home week, as so many former purple wearers were in attendance – most of them, like myself, recently so.

The first session I attended was on the Yahoo! Open Strategy, something I made some significant contributions to, both in an ongoing basis during my nearly 5 years there, and specifically last September and October when a bunch of us were gathered to work on the next generation strategy for the company.

I’m happy to say that, with the exception of a few component renames, ze master plan is still 100% intact, even if the implementation is behind schedule. It is still major awesomeness! They just posted the next generation of slideshow (below) – and it’s pretty darn good. Oh yeah, and people were developing against these APIs on HackDay. The only sad part is that they closed access down last Sunday. I’m still looking for the date that they open all back up…

Yahoo! Open Strategy Overview

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: openhack08 yahoo)

UPDATE: Cody Simms, product manager for the Yahoo! Application Platform, posted his notes from the presentation.



It was nice to see you on Friday. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and thanks for posting it here. I’ve blogged a brief summary of each slide in the slideshow here:



Interesting. This looks like a direct port of Google’s OpenSocial, all the way down to the illustrations. How will they differentiate themselves? Or will they just seek to pull in all Yahoo users?

Actually, Open Social is a proper subset of Y!OS, now that the key players from that team are part of the Open Social board.

The chief differentiators are access to permissioned content (and the related model), and use-any-identity to access Y! content.

I can’t wait…

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